Boris - One of the first consumer chess computer

The "Boris's" playing levels

It is possible to consider the playing level of "Boris" by consulting these two test games which I played against him (one at 30 min by move and the other at 60 minutes by move). It is necessary to keep in mind that I am only a one good Sunday player, then you can imagine against an experienced player.


It is amasing to note that in "Boris’s" user manual, in the suggested levels of play section, that it is indicated this; "30 minutes plus. A game that will keep a master's attention "...


However, in the manual * delivered with the "Boris Master" they wisely change the evaluation while indicating: "60 minutes plus. A game that should keep a master's attention "… Of course it is flattering for a humble "wood pushers" like me, but unfortunately completely unrealistic...


* This manual seems to be more recent intended for the basic "Boris" but in which one added a sheet (not attached) on which we can finds the special features of the "Boris Master".